Activities and attractions

The Homestead is vegetated with typical flora; oaks, holm oaks, olive trees and scented herbs and is traversed by pathways that allow quiet walks on foot, by bicycle or by horse, in permanent contact with nature.

In this area there are several things to do:
If you like the countryside go take a walk or take pictures to the nature!
Go along the Algarviana Road!
Ride a horse! Visit the little villages near the homeastead ( Bensafrim, Barão de S. João, Cotifo, Colinas
Verdes) and know our country!
– If you like the sun, have fun at the beaches, do sports such as bodyboard, surf, parasailing and have a good time!
Visit Lagos and know the city and the touristic spots such as church, gardens, our beautiful marina, visit stores, restaurants and bars!
Have fun watching the caves (by boat)!
Go see dolphins (by boat)!